Although the Fitbit has been available for years, I had only discovered this rather curious piece of technology quite recently. This little gizmo can apparently track your activities via a clip-on device called the tracker which, when synced to the included cradle/charger, would then present to you some lovely looking charts and graphs about your physical activity for the day, such as calories burned, how many steps you have taken, among other things.

Another great thing about it is the fact that the tracker can wirelessly sync with the cradle, which happens automatically when the two devices are a few feet away from each other. You can even wear it to sleep, which would then allow it to give you information about your sleeping habits. The battery is said to last for a minimum of 3 days.

the fitbit online dashboard - where you can check your data 
(image source: cultofmac)
(colorful graphs make me really giddy for some reason)

I am so tempted to get one!

The Fitbit ($99) is unfortunately US only for now now, although there is always the option to order at Amazon and have it shipped here in the Philippines via Johnny Air Cargo.