So this morning I was surprised to find out that the Moo cards I ordered a few weeks ago have arrived!

From left to right: Some sort of receipt, the ShowCase card holder (which I bought), and the Moo business cards (free)

This is how the ShowCase business card holder opens. Pretty neat!

These are the cards I ordered. I only uploaded two images, but if you wanted you could use a different image for each card in your order. But I'm too lazy for that. haha

Really awesome packaging design

These are the Moo Stickerbooks I ordered a few years back, with just a few stickers left.

While I was at it, I also requested a sample of all their products. I think I want those rounded cards next!

I got the cards for free by being registering to about.me, the caveat though is that you can't remove the moo.com advertising in one corner unless you pay full price for the cards ($19USD), and also though the cards are free you still have to pay for shipping. Not bad though.