So I've been playing these two games for the past couple of weeks, and they can't be any more different from each other. On one hand, you have Child of Eden, a Kinect game that is all about pretty colors and wonderful music (by Genki Rockets no less). You really can't help but get swept away while playing. This is probably the first game that makes me feel really really really happy for some reason.

Then you have Mortal Kombat, probably one of the goriest of gaming franchises. This latest installment is essentially a reboot of sorts, retelling the events of the first three games, with some changes to the plot. One unexpected change from the game is that, because of Raiden's interference with the timeline, it is Sub-Zero who turns into a cyborg and not Smoke.

Cyber Sub-Zero: A Sub-Zero that can teleport!

Anyway, check out the trailers for both games below

Child of Eden Trailer

Mortal Kombat "Kombat Kontinues" Trailer