So yesterday because of the supposed thunderstorm, we were allowed to leave the office earlier than usual. And so my sisters and a cousin of mine decided to go out for some dinner to catch up. 2nd's is this semi-new restaurant in Bonifacio High Street. It is where Mag:net used to be, in the same building as Nike and Agave.

I wasn't expecting the place to be so gorgeous! Lots of browns and whites! (which are my favorite colors btw)

Film cannisters! and books! This is how I imagine my dream house would look like. (sister not included)

And I haven't even gotten to the food yet.
The Mac & Cheese something something. Really really good!

Fish and Chips. It was only ok for me. But then again, I was never a Fish and Chips fan so maybe you guys would like it. 

Duck on Mashed Potato (Not what it's actually called)

Uhh... I think that's chicken. Also very good! 

Shepherd's Pie! Yum!

We also ordered the steak, but didn't get to take a photo because I decided to go for a walk around High Street before it arrived and when I got back it was gone. And I'm really sorry about the very vague description of the dishes because I forgot to take a photo of the menu so there. But anyway, you guys should really check this place out. You won't be disappointed.

2nd Floor Quadrant 3
Bonifacio High Street
(02) 846-5293