So this morning I was surprised to find out that the Moo cards I ordered a few weeks ago have arrived!


So yesterday because of the supposed thunderstorm, we were allowed to leave the office earlier than usual. And so my sisters and a cousin of mine decided to go out for some dinner to catch up. 2nd's is this semi-new restaurant in Bonifacio High Street. It is where Mag:net used to be, in the same building as Nike and Agave.

I wasn't expecting the place to be so gorgeous! Lots of browns and whites! (which are my favorite colors btw)

Film cannisters! and books! This is how I imagine my dream house would look like. (sister not included)

And I haven't even gotten to the food yet.
The Mac & Cheese something something. Really really good!

Fish and Chips. It was only ok for me. But then again, I was never a Fish and Chips fan so maybe you guys would like it. 

Duck on Mashed Potato (Not what it's actually called)

Uhh... I think that's chicken. Also very good! 

Shepherd's Pie! Yum!

We also ordered the steak, but didn't get to take a photo because I decided to go for a walk around High Street before it arrived and when I got back it was gone. And I'm really sorry about the very vague description of the dishes because I forgot to take a photo of the menu so there. But anyway, you guys should really check this place out. You won't be disappointed.

2nd Floor Quadrant 3
Bonifacio High Street
(02) 846-5293



So this morning I went to Penshoppe's relaunch of their first ever boutique in the country, located at SM North Edsa. It also happens to be the first of their stores to sport their brand new retail look. I must say I really like this new direction. Special mention must really be given to their new drool-worthy collection of shoes.



Memolane is a new service that aggregates all your online social activities into one timeline. Think of it as a chronological diary for all the things you have liked, tweeted, posted, and uploaded. 

The interface is very clean and intuitive.

The services that are supported as of this writing include: Facebook (including pages), Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Last.Fm, Foursquare, Instagram, Tripit, Youtube, Myspace, Vimeo, Wordpress, as well as RSS feeds for your blogs such as Tumblr or Blogger. Google+ is not supported as of now unfortunately. One other nice things about it is you can individually set privacy settings for each service, either to public, friends only, or private.

You guys can check it out yourself over at www.memolane.com, and while you're at you can check out my memolane at http://memolane.com/marklim



Although the Fitbit has been available for years, I had only discovered this rather curious piece of technology quite recently. This little gizmo can apparently track your activities via a clip-on device called the tracker which, when synced to the included cradle/charger, would then present to you some lovely looking charts and graphs about your physical activity for the day, such as calories burned, how many steps you have taken, among other things.

Another great thing about it is the fact that the tracker can wirelessly sync with the cradle, which happens automatically when the two devices are a few feet away from each other. You can even wear it to sleep, which would then allow it to give you information about your sleeping habits. The battery is said to last for a minimum of 3 days.

the fitbit online dashboard - where you can check your data 
(image source: cultofmac)
(colorful graphs make me really giddy for some reason)

I am so tempted to get one!

The Fitbit ($99) is unfortunately US only for now now, although there is always the option to order at Amazon and have it shipped here in the Philippines via Johnny Air Cargo.



Alyssa Lapid
Toff Tiozon
Valerie Chua
Bianca Igancio
Miko Carreon
Mark Lim

photos by: Everywhereweshoot
video by: Aljan Lorenzo
produced by: Dan Buenaventura
make-up by: Raymond Kho
hair by: Armando Sierra and Dana Velenzo


So here's the video of the shoot we did for Status Magazine's July issue, featuring Penshoppe's Holiday 2011 collection. I'm still not used to being in front of a video camera. Behind it is really more my element. haha



So I've been playing these two games for the past couple of weeks, and they can't be any more different from each other. On one hand, you have Child of Eden, a Kinect game that is all about pretty colors and wonderful music (by Genki Rockets no less). You really can't help but get swept away while playing. This is probably the first game that makes me feel really really really happy for some reason.

Then you have Mortal Kombat, probably one of the goriest of gaming franchises. This latest installment is essentially a reboot of sorts, retelling the events of the first three games, with some changes to the plot. One unexpected change from the game is that, because of Raiden's interference with the timeline, it is Sub-Zero who turns into a cyborg and not Smoke.

Cyber Sub-Zero: A Sub-Zero that can teleport!

Anyway, check out the trailers for both games below

Child of Eden Trailer

Mortal Kombat "Kombat Kontinues" Trailer



Top (L-R): Toff Tiozon, Yours Truly, BJ Pascual
Bottom (L-R): Fredison Lo, Pauline Prieto

Me and a bunch of friends are featured in the July issue of Status Magazine
Do us a favor and go grab a copy =)
And for those of you who are not in the Philippines, you can get yourself a digital copy over at Zinio

Special thanks to Dan and Kevin of Status for this opportunity!


Hello again.
It's been ages since i last touched this blog. Starting today, I'm promising myself to post here more often. So I guess that's it for now.

"I Took A Little Something"

Posting this video for no particular reason other than I love me some Florrie.