A month ago me and a couple of people were invited by Globe to experience Bacolod's Masskara Festival through the lens of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I almost didn't make it to my flight because getting to the airport was a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully I made it just in time. =)

Upon arrival, Globe assigned us into groups for some tasks. I was put in #TeamSNote along with Mikey Bustos, Mylene Chung and Allan David. Our first task was to capture the Masskara parade with the Note 2. I must say, the camera in the phone is pretty impressive. 

What's more impressive is the battery life in this badboy. Our challenges went well into the evening and despite the constant use and photo taking, I went back to our hotel with the phone still alive.

Day 2 was a bit more chill. We were allowed to go our own ways and explore the city. While most of the team went to see some ruins, me and Niche decided a little food excursion was in order. Of course, Inasal was a requisite, and I also got to try their equally delicious sweets. YUM

In the afternoon we rejoined the group to visit the art district. We got to witness the incredible talent that this town had to offer. 

Afterwards, it was more food as Globe treated us to dinner with I must say the best batchoy I've ever tasted. After that it was pretty much a wrap. I took a short-ish nap before our early flight back to Manila the next day. 
All in all, it was an incredibly memorable experience. I made a bunch of new smart, funny friends and of course, it being my first time in Bacolod, the Masskara Festival is now something I'd recommend people should experience at least once. Thank you again Globe for making it all possible.