I was invited to a swanky party thrown by Absolut for their new drink called Elyx last thursday at Republiq. I arrived late (sorry!) so I missed the program where I heard pole dancing ballet dancers performed(!). Good thing i was still able to take pictures.

The place looks amazing

Even more amazing, how the Elyx bottles look

Really good. Also, very very strong. *hic*

I got to try the new drink, and I must say it's absolutely heavenly. But being the lightweight that I am, by the 2nd glass i had my redface on (not a pretty sight trust me). All in all, it was a very fun night of great company, great music and an amazing new drink.

With Vince. Also featuring, my asian blush.

The fancy setup at the entrance. Sweet!

Geeky Nights boothbabe Toff

Another shot of the bottles

Thanks to Absolut & Amiel Mendoza for the invite!


Copper-Painted night with ABSOLUT ELYX

The ABSOLUT Company gave new meaning to painting the town red as it celebrated Substance and Style in an exclusive themed party with ABSOLUT ELYX, the super premium vodka that boasts of a distinct and pure taste. Upscale Republiq Club in Resorts World Manila glistened with copper-inspired décor paying homage to ABSOLUT ELYX’s uniquely intricate and bespoke copper distillation process.

Launched in Manila earlier this year, ABSOLUT ELYX is the product of 500 years of vodka-making expertise. The uniqueness of ABSOLUT ELYX lies in the natural ingredients and the traditional artisan methods used to make it. It is crafted from hand-selected estate wheat, and blended with soft and naturally filtered water, providing unsurpassed purity and quality. An instant “contemporary classic”, ABSOLUT ELYX is deliberately produced in small batches according to generations-old techniques, using an authentic 1929 copper rectification still, which is the key component to creating the super premium vodka’s signature taste.

The result is handcrafted super premium vodka with a distinctly elegant and silky texture. Indulged neat or on the rocks, in colorful cocktails or superb martinis, the splendid taste and remarkable texture of ABSOLUT ELYX will leave you wanting more.

Pernord Ricard Philippines’ Managing Director, Mr. Kevin Lee, led the night’s activities highlighting ABSOLUT ELYX as the new modern classic. VIP guests, artists, and media friends were treated to inspired performances by the Techy Romantics, electronic violinist Princess Ybañez, live ballerina pole expression dance, and explosive music by International DJ J. Espinosa (San Francisco).
Assistant Brand Manager Chacha Abatayo made sure all the privileged guests enjoyed style and substance throughout the evening as ABSOLUT ELYX established itself as the definitive choice for a luxuriously smooth and perfect vodka experience. Truly, everyone “painted the town copper” with ABSOLUT ELYX.

Pernod Ricard Philippines, Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of ABSOLUT ELYX.

Drink with ABSOLUT Responsibility. ®