Last September, I went on a trip to New Zealand with my family. It was my first time going, although my parents have been there once before. We were there for a little more than 2 weeks and we were just road tripping all around the north island. Our first stop was Matakana, which is sort of like their version of Tagaytay (or if you want, the Hamptons). Then we were off to Auckland, where i met up with some high school buddies who had relocated there. Afterwards we it was Whitianga, a stay at a fully functioning farmhouse in Taupiri, a few days around Lake Taupo, then Napier (aka the art deco capital of the world), and finally Wellington. The most memorable thing about this trip for me was the food, which was pretty apparent to some of my friends who noticed i got a whole lot pudgier after the trip. LOL

Thanks to my sister for lending me her wonderful Fuji X10 during the trip. =)

Anyway, the photos. Enjoy!