Last Tuesday (Nov. 26), me and Abe dropped by Black Sheep at the Fort where LG held a preview of one of the most awesome tech I've seen this year, their curved 60-inch OLED TV. I knew OLED made it possible for really thin TV's but I was not expecting how thin the TV actually was. My mouth was literally agape when i first laid my eyes on it.

They showcased the TV by placing 3 of them side by side, and because of the thin bezel it made for a very immersive experience when we were watching the 3D promo video.

And just as a point of reference, I took a photo of the side of the TV comparing it to my finger, which felt really fat next to it.

Here are some quick specs for the TV:
  • 4 Color Pixel OLED Display
  • 8.3 Million Sub-Pixel Colors (WRGB)
  • 4.3mm Paper Slim Curved Screen
  • Carbon Fiber Curved Rear
  • 40W Clear Film Speaker
  • Full HD Cinema 3D
  • Flicker-free Premium 3D Glasses
  • Smart TV with LG Apps
  • Premium Magic Remote with Voice Recognition
  • OLED Encapsulation: Face Seal Type
  • Weight: 17.2 Kg
  • Dimensons: (W x H x D) 1227 x 798.5 x 192 mm
The LG Curved OLED TV is expected to ship this month for approximately Php 500,000

That night, LG held an instagram contest of sorts, and it just happened that my photo of my fat finger with the TV got picked and so I went home with a 32-inch 3D Smart TV. Thanks LG!