Last tuesday I was invited by Nivea to Seventh High at The Fort for their KissMark event. It was to promote their line of lip balms, and featured a dating game with Mark Alejandro, Online Cosmo Philippines Hunk for November. Too bad I decided to take a walk around BHS, because when I got back, the event was over. So sorry, Nivea!

Anyways click the link below to check out more photos from that night

Lip Balm buffet. By the end of the evening, all the bowls were empty!

 Jad of PublicityAsia and a new blogger friend, Kumiko (http://www.lovingsunshine.com/). Sorry I forgot your friend's name =(

 With Mark Alejandro, Cosmo Online Hunk November 2011

 Chris trying on some lip balm

 Baretz doing the same

The Nivea lip balm product line 

 Hanging outside at Seventh High's balcony