And she's brought along a new friend.

Meet Electra Heart

And no, it's not Marina + Electra & The Diamonds now. Electra is Marina's alter-ego for her upcoming album (think Beyonce and Sasha Fierce). Electra, according to Marina, "epitomizes and embodies the illusions, lies and death of American ideologies involved in the corruption of self".


Anyway, she has a video project called Electra Heart: The Start and recently released part 1 of said project featuring a new song called Fear & Loathing:

This all seems pretty gimmicky to be honest. But I have complete trust in Marina Lambrini Diamandis, who I consider to be one of the best songwriters of her generation (see: Oh No! and I Am Not A Robot). Considering I adored all the songs from her previous album, it's safe to say I am pretty stoked for her next one. Can't wait!

Edit: Doesn't Electra look freakishly like a certain Miss Vanessa Hudgens?