Last Sunday I was invited by Revlon to have a free hair makeover at their main office, which was coincidentally just around the corner from where I live. Being a hair color virgin, I jumped at the chance to finally get myself blondified. Luckily, my appointment was at the same time as my sister, BJ Pascual, Ziggy Savella and some other friends.

I forgot to take a before photo, but here is photo of my hair slowing turning yellow. It was surreal.
Getting our hair washed
 It was amazing to watch BJ's hair turn from black to blonde to red
 BJ's hair. Looks really fun!
Bj, Ziggy (who got highlights) and myself
Revo Naval before his hair turned brown
RJ Roque and his new red 'do
 Bossy Bear hanging out with the stuff from the Revlon swag bag